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This beautiful man really does me proud.  He catapulted onto the national stage this year with the single, ‘Thriftshop’.  Around the time his album, ‘The Heist’, dropped in October and ‘Thriftshop’ blew up, I remember I was at work when the song came up on spotify.  Immediately, I turned to my co-worker and commented on how insane it was that Macklemore was getting so big, so fast.  His response was that the artist was finally making songs that people liked to listen to, a simple comment that left me quiet and contempative.  For an underground musician whose music traditionally sheds light on underrepresented issues and represents the voices of the underserved, I couldn’t help but think about what it means now that he’s rapping for a larger and some might say, more “main stream” audience.  There’s no doubt that ever since he partnered with Ryan Lewis, his music has gained a lot of headwave.  I’ve watched his youtube views go from a meager 10,000 views for each song (pre-Ryan) to 45 million.  Despite rocketing to a whole new level this year, if you strip away the sound, his lyrics make the hype real.  His rhymes really hit home for me be the subject thrift shopping, gender and educational equality (the subject isn’t featured in this clip, but listen to ‘Ten Thousand Hours’), or religious hypocrisy (check out Neon Cathedral).  They echo experiences, personal struggles and social issues close to my heart.  If music can inspire social change and preach tolerance, it’s about time songs like these go viral.  Turn up the volume, enjoy, and check out the lady in the yellow at 6:35, that’s what’s up - totally me behind the computer screen by the way.

2013/01/1 ✧ 1 note

I’ve always been a fan of Imogen Heap since her Frou Frou days, but this just reminds me of her incredible musical talents.  Her live performances are simply compelling, always unique and organic to the root.  This specific one just happens to be one of my favorites.  Make sure to tune in with a pair of headphones.

2011/07/4 ✧ 1 note

Whoever has had the misfortune of talking about music with me (I tend to babble) knows I’m really into west coast hiphop.  Yea, I love me some newboyz () and cali district swag -can you teach me how to dougie? forreals, I could use some pointers- but I’m particularly into the underground scene in the northwest (Seattle).  I don’t look the type especially since my clothing of choice revolves around a growing collection of grandma cable knit sweaters and my face can easily be mistaken for that of a twelve year old’s.  Regardless, my love of west coast beats sprung from one particular musician, a man who goes by the stage name, Macklemore.  For me, it’s not so much about being able to relate to the song’s subject matter as it is about execution. The blend of rich sounds, cadence, and lyrics infused in his songs paint a vivid and cathartic tale, one that evokes the deepest of emotions; and even if I can’t necessarily relate to the subject matter, I can most certainly relate to the feelings of pain, loss, and happiness.  Why so philosophical you may ask? It’s just a song, you may say.  But when I close my eyes and let the music ring in my ears, I can’t even begin to express how I feel right at that moment.  It’s like reading a beautifully crafted story, in which the beauty doesn’t reside in one particular element, but in the entire package.

The song I featured here is a stripped down version of the original.  It is amazing.

2011/01/3 ✧ 6 notes

I love this song, but the music video might possible be the oddest/weirdest/least coherent thing i’ve seen in a while.  The 1999 copyright date is the only thing I can think of that might explain such an oddity…

The weirdest parts are toward the end.

2010/10/1 ✧ 0 notes

On nights like these when I have a bottomless pit of things to do and an infinite stream of thoughts coursing through my brain, I like to have this playing in the background.  It’s so during the rare times I become conscious of everything again, I can just sit for a minute or two in appreciative silence.  My mind quelled of all nagging matters, imbibed in only these sounds.

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2010/10/4 ✧ 0 notes

I haven’t posted anything in forever, but i’ll get back to that REAL soon.

As of now, this song has been on replay.  

When it comes to music, I don’t have a preferred genre that I listen too.  My ‘musical taste’, whatever little I’ve cultivated, spans across a multitude of sounds and genres.  Back in the hay days of middle school/freshman and sophomore year of high school, I’d feel so cool telling who ever asked that I liked ‘indie music.’  How naive I was.  I did listen to singers and bands that fit the appropriate definition of an indie band -a band not signed to a major recording label - but, I thought ‘indie’ referred to a certain sound, a certain image.  It wouldn’t be half as bad if I actually was in love with the music and used ‘indie’ in the wrong context; however, the reality is that although I did like (not love) the sound, I liked the image it evoked of me more.

I’m not sure when this reality actually hit, in fact, I don’t think it was a sudden thing.  It was more a gradual process developed through comment stalking on youtube, link clicking on wikipedia, and suggestion following on twitter (i don’t have an account but i follow people…).  As no life-ish as these tendencies might seem, they’ve nurtured and built the foundation for my appreciation in every thing: bossa nova jazz, world, rap, electronica, soul, folk, and even pop (BBMAK, Savage Garden, and Spice Girls were/still are my jam).  If there’s anything that I’ve learned from such listlessness is that I love to hear songs were the musical lines are blurred, where there is no definite sound.  Apparently the correct term to describe it is ‘experimental’; but to me, it’s just good music.

2010/10/2 ✧ 3 notes

This song has been on replay all week.  I love it.

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2010/06/7 ✧ 1 note
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